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“Lance Mason can offer the service you need to set up a trust quickly and efficiently. Planning the distribution of your estate does not have to be complicated, our experts will explain the steps you need to take and make the process easy and straight forward.”

What Is A Trust?

In accordance with the terms of the trust deed, trustees must manage assets on behalf of the beneficiaries. A trust can be set up at any time and is not necessarily specific to wills. Types of trusts include:

  • Discretionary trusts
  • Bare trusts
  • Life interest trusts

Lance Mason’s experts will take care of the administration aspect of trusts, assist trustees in the creation of accounts and provide sound advice if you are involved in a trust dispute.

Why Do I Need A Trust?

The benefits of having a trust include:

  • In the event that you get divorced or become bankrupt, your assets with still reach their designated beneficiary
  • They give you a strong element of control over your assets 
  • Under certain circumstances, they can help you avoid contentious probate

What Can The Lance Mason Experts Advise On?

Lance Mason can assist in all matters relating to trusts. These include and are not limited to:

  • If you are considering creating a charity
  • If you are drafting a will
  • If a trust is required following a death
  • If some of the trust’s beneficiaries are minors
  • If you are making plans regarding life insurance
  • If a beneficiary suffers from a disability
  • If a minor has received compensation for a personal injury
  • If some of the children who are also beneficiaries are from different relationships or marriages

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