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Disputed Wills

“Disputes can often be avoided if you take certain steps to protect your wishes before you die. Unfortunately, even when time and effort is taken to draw up a will, disputes can still arise. In situations such as these, Lance Mason can provide first rate legal assistance.”


Inheritance is determined by either wills or Intestacy. The deceased’s assets will be distributed in accordance with these terms and depending on the situation, disputes among different parties can arise.

If you would like to contest a will/Intestacy, or if you wish to uphold the provisions of a contested will/Intestacy, Lance Mason can act on your behalf. Our contentious probate specialists will take the work off your hands and defend your corner.

Why Do These Disputes Occur?

Common disputes are caused by:

  • Factual mistakes or errors in the will
  • Parties or individuals believing that the provisions laid out in the will/Intestacy are insufficient or inappropriate
  • The testator not having the mental capacity to make a will at the time of it being drawn up
  • The testator being influenced by a third party and this being reflected in their will
  • DIY wills that are confusing or contradictory

Our legal experts will attempt to mediate the situation and negotiate terms that all parties involved will be happy with. Our ultimate goal is to resolve the dispute before time and expenses are incurred but if negotiation proves unsuccessful, our team can also litigate on your behalf. Lance Mason’s ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

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