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Slips & Trips

“If you have any questions about making a slip and trip claim, contact us today for free, confidential advice.”

Slip and trip accidents happen all the time and for the most part, they are usually not serious. However, if it can be proven that your slip and trip accident occurred as a result of an establishment failing to meet appropriate health and safety standards, you may be entitled to compensation.

Slips and trips tend to fall into one of 3 categories:

Slip and trips in public places
In this case, Lance Mason would seek compensation from your local council. It is their responsibility to ensure that public areas meet health and safety standards.

Slip and trips in private establishments
Lance Mason would seek compensation from the insurance companies that cover these private establishments. However, if it can be proven that these establishments did not follow the terms and conditions outlined in their insurance policy, Lance Mason can sue these establishments directly.

Slip and trips at the workplace
It is a legal requirement that all employers have employer liability insurance. Therefore, if you have an accident at work, Lance Mason will aim to seek compensation from your employer’s insurer, rather than your employer.

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Our legal experts are happy to answer any questions you might have about making a slip and trip claim. All our initial advice is free of charge and is strictly confidential. If you already have a solicitor, Lance Mason can give an excellent second opinion and potentially help you move your claim to one of our experts should you not be happy with your current representation.