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Car Accidents Abroad

“If you have had a car accident abroad, that doesn’t mean you can’t claim compensation. Our friendly legal experts can explain how.”

How It Works

Car accidents happen all the time, even on holiday or away on business. It has been noted that accidents abroad are even more likely than in the UK. This may be down to the fact that UK drivers may not be used to foreign road conduct or driving rented cars. Many people assume that when car accidents happen abroad, seeking compensation becomes even more confusing and complex. Lance Mason Solicitors can make it simple and straight forward. Circumstances vary, so with one simple call we can tell you if you have a valid claim and explain your chances of success should you choose to pursue compensation.

Our Story

Lance Mason Solicitors always put our clients first and this is one reason we are among the fastest growing law firms in the UK. The following elements have been the key to our success:

  • Our service is easy and hassle-free
  • We keep you informed 
  • There is always a friendly voice on the end of the line if you ever have any questions
  • We keep complex matters simple and straightforward
  • We keep all discussions completely confidential

I’m Not Happy With My Solicitors. Can I Move My Case To Lance Mason?

Yes. You are completely entitled to choose who represents you when seeking compensation. If you already have a solicitor and are unhappy with the service, our legal experts are happy to explain the simple process of moving your claim to us. Even if you would just like a second opinion, Lance Mason offer advice without any obligation.

How To Get In Touch

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