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Accident & Emergency

“When you visit A&E, more often than not, the medical attention you receive is of a high standard. However, on occasion mistakes can be made. Sometimes human error cannot be avoided and you may suffer as a result of this.”

Medical Negligence

If you are under the care of a medical professional, they have a legal duty to ensure that you receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. If the care you receive does not meet certain standards and your health suffers as a result, you can claim compensation on the grounds of medical negligence. 

Can I Claim?

You can claim if:

  • You were incorrectly diagnosed and the treatment you received as a result was not appropriate
  • Your condition/injury was not investigated properly i.e. you did not have required blood tests, x-rays, scans etc.
  • You were neglected or did not receive adequate care
  • You were discharged from hospital prematurely

If you have experienced any of the above and your health has suffered as a direct result, you can make a claim. Lance Mason offers a free consultation, so call us today for no obligation advice that is tailored to your individual situation.

Why Lance Mason?

Our clients are the centre of our business and we want to make sure you have confidence in the person working on your behalf. We understand that making a medical negligence claim can be a daunting prospect. You may believe that your chances of being successful are quite slim or that the process itself is a lot of unnecessary hassle. Our legal experts are here to take the work off your hands and prove that you deserve compensation for your losses. These losses may not just be physical or financial, but psychological too. Victims of medical negligence often lose trust in their doctors and some even develop a fear of seeking medical help. 

Lance Mason can help make an unfortunate situation a lot more positive so that you can work towards a better future.

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