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Malignant Melanoma

“Malignant melanoma is a serious form of cancer. When diagnosed early, affected areas can be treated and the sufferer may not sustain any lasting damage. However, failure to diagnose the condition in the early stages can lead to melanoma spreading to other organs.”

What Is Malignant Melanoma & What Are The Symptoms?

Malignant melanoma is a form of skin cancer. It is usually indicated by the presence of abnormal moles and symptoms can include:

  • Existing moles that change shape or appearance
  • Moles that become itchy or bleed
  • Moles that abruptly begin to increase in size
  • Moles that become painful

If is important that you visit your doctor if you notice any of the symptoms listed above.

What Causes Malignant Melanoma & Who Is At Risk?

You are vulnerable if:

  • You have fair skin that burns easily in the sun
  • You have a family history of malignant melanoma
  • You already have quite a few freckles or moles
  • You use sun beds on a regular basis
  • You do not use adequate sun protection when exposed to UV rays

Malignant melanoma can be avoided if you consistently use sun protection creams and avoid the use of sun beds.

Medical Negligence

Many underestimate the seriousness of malignant melanoma. While cancerous moles can be removed by a procedure known as a biopsy, many people are unaware that when these moles are left untreated, malignant melanoma can spread to internal organs. Therefore, the damage caused is not always visible to the naked eye.

Early diagnosis is crucial for sufferers of malignant melanoma. If you have been misdiagnosed and your treatment was delayed as a result, you may be entitled compensation. Call our legal experts for more information.

Why Lance Mason?

Living with skin cancer can be extremely difficult. Our legal experts will do the investigating for you and seek compensation that could alter your quality of life.