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Cervical Cancer

“If you are suffering with cervical cancer and your disease was initially misdiagnosed, you may be able to pursue compensation for medical negligence. Our experts deal with these kinds of claims in an empathetic manner and make sure you receive the support and guidance you deserve.”

What Is Cervical Cancer & How Is It Caused?

Cervical cancer develops in the uterus and cervix. The cells around the entrance of the womb become cancerous and begin to grow abnormally. Symptoms include bleeding between periods and bleeding after sex. Causes of cervical cancer include:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Smoking
  • Using the oral contraceptive pill for an extended period of time
  • Giving birth

If caught early enough, the prognosis is generally positive. However, misdiagnosis can be life threatening as the cancer can quickly spread to other parts of the body.

Why Might Cervical Cancer Be Misdiagnosed?

  • From the age of 25, women are encouraged to have smear tests every three years. These tests check for the presence of abnormal cells. If your GP forgets to contact you for one of these tests and there are abnormal cells present, these may develop into cervical cancer
  • Your GP may misconstrue your symptoms for another condition
  • There could be laboratory errors that fail to indicate the presence of abnormal cells
  • The failure to adequately remove any abnormal cells

Lance Mason Can Help

Cervical cancer misdiagnosis is a serious matter, with serious consequences. If you have been misdiagnosed and your health has suffered as a result, get in touch to find out how Lance Mason can help you.

All our advice is entirely confidential with no obligation involved, so contact us today.