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Mortgage Mis-selling

“Lance Mason can seek compensation for the victims of mortgage mis-selling and bring something positive out of an unfortunate situation. Our financial mis-selling team can explain the process in great detail even if you are still unsure about making a claim.”


The Financial Services Authority (FSA) introduced legislation to protect the general public from financial mis-selling. However, it has recently been brought to media attention that many lenders mis-sold mortgages to thousands of people. If you suspect that your mortgage was mis-sold, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Lance Mason will review your papers for free and if you have a case, help recover the funds you are owed.

Mr Smith’s Story

Mr Smith goes to see a broker to take out a new mortgage. His broker presents him with several deals and advises him that these are his best options. Despite the fees being quite high, Mr Smith accepts a deal and goes on his way.

The broker did not tell Mr Smith that he only offered him deals that he could make commission on. Mr Smith probably would have found a better deal elsewhere because he has good credit history.

This mortgage was mis-sold.

Miss Jones’ Story

Miss Jones wants to own her own house and goes to meet with a broker to discuss taking out a mortgage. She is a mobile hair-dresser and is effectively self-employed. She self-certifies her own situation and hands the papers over to the broker.

The broker then recommends a deal that Miss Jones agrees to. The broker does not investigate Miss Jones’ self-certification and has no real proof that Miss Jones can meet the payments of her mortgage.

This mortgage was mis-sold.

Mr & Mrs Andrews Story

Mr and Mrs Andrews decide to take out a mortgage. Mr Andrews has recently been made redundant while his wife is working full time. They visit a broker who recommends a deal that seems fair to both Mr and Mrs Andrews. They decide to accept this deal. It is stated in the terms of the agreement that the borrowers must both be employed.

The broker does not tell them that they are financially ineligible for this particular deal.

This mortgage was mis-sold.

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