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Financial Mis-selling

“Lance Mason Solicitors has a specialised department for dealing with financial mis-selling compensation. We will evaluate your papers entirely free of charge and be able to explain the validity of your case. Contact our legal experts today for no obligation advice.”

What Is Financial Mis-selling?

Financial mis-selling can be defined as the inappropriate selling of a financial product to a customer without taking certain factors into account. You may be able to make a financial mis-selling claim if:

  • You were sold a financial product without your suitability being addressed
  • You were sold a financial product and the terms and conditions were not fully explained
  • You were sold a financial product in order to qualify for another financial service


Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a key example of a financial service that was commonly mis-sold to customers. The purpose of the insurance was to cover the customer should they be unable to meet the payments outlined in the conditions of their loan, credit card or mortgage. It has come to light that many PPI policies were mis-sold and thousands of people are choosing to claim compensation.

Mortgage Mis-selling

If you feel the terms in which you took out your mortgage were mis-sold, you may be entitled compensation. The repayment terms may be unrealistic or inappropriate i.e. you may have been told that you will not find a better deal elsewhere (when the negligent broker knows this is not the case). Lance Mason will look at your case free of charge and assess the validity of your claim.

Interest Rates Swaps

If your business was mis-sold interest swap rates by your bank you may be entitled compensation. Interest swap arrangements were put across to customers as protection against interest rate rises. However, not only did these arrangements fail to protect customers, many businesses struggled to keep up with the payments involved, especially in times of economic disparity.

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If you believe you have been mis-sold a financial service, you may be able to make a financial mis-selling claim. 

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