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Hip Injuries

Severity Effect Compensation Bracket
Very severe Severe fractures of the pelvis, injury to the back, damage to internal organs, recurring pain and lasting disability, possible sexual dysfunction and impotence £51,500 – £86,000
Severe Fractures of the pelvis affecting surrounding areas such as the hip requiring future surgery, possible impotence and sexual dysfunction £40,650 – £51,500
Less severe Fracture of the pelvis resulting in damage to hip possibly requiring future surgery £25,750 – £34,500
Moderate Serious injury to the pelvis or hip but with little permanent loss of function/disability £17,500 – £25,750
Moderate Injury to pelvis or hip possibly requiring surgery either now or in the future £8,250 – £17,500
Minor Injuries may be minor or more serious but a full recovery is made within a reasonable length of time Up to £8,250

The level of compensation awarded within each bracket will depend on:

  • The extent to which the injury limits functionality
  • The level of any permanent disability
  • The extent to which the injury affects the individual’s ability to take part in activities and employment
  • The level of treatment required
  • The length of time taken to recover
  • The extent of any persistent pain
  • The extent of any associated problems such as sexual dysfunction or impotence