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Foot Injuries

Severity Effect Compensation Bracket
Amputation of both feet   £111,000 – £132,000
Amputation of a single foot   £55,000 – £72,000
Amputation of both feet   £111,000 – £132,000
Very severe Permanent disability with significantly impaired mobility and stability £55,000 – £72,000
Severe Fractures in both feet, significant recurring pain £16,400 – £25,750
Moderate Metatarsal fractures with permanent disfigurement and recurring pain £9,000 – £16,400
Minor Simple fractures or minor ligament damage with minor or no permanent effects. Complete or near complete recovery within a reasonable length of time Up to £9,000

The level of compensation awarded within each bracket will depend on:

  • The level of permanent disability
  • The extent of any scarring or disfigurement
  • The effect on mobility and stability
  • The extent of any permanent or recurring pain
  • The length of time taken to recover