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Chest & Lung Injuries

Severity Effect Compensation Bracket
Removal of one lung Recurring pain and significant scarring £66,000 – £98,500
Severe chest, lung or heart injury Lasting physical disability and loss of function, reduced life expectancy £43,000 – £66,000
Damage to chest and lungs Lasting disability £20,500 – £36,000
Moderate Single minor wound, no permanent damage to organs, possible lasting damage to soft tissue £8,250 – £11,800
Minor Inhalation of toxic fumes, no permanent damage £3,500 – £8,250
Minor Injury results in collapsed lungs, full recovery made within reasonable length of time £1,450 – £3,500
Minor Fractured ribs or minor soft tissue injury Up to £2,600

The level of compensation awarded will depend on:

  • The effect on life expectancy
  • The age and gender of the individual
  • The effect on the individual’s social and domestic life
  • The effect on the individual’s ability to find employment
  • How the injury was sustained