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Technological Patents

Why are technological patents important?

Modern businesses are highly dependant on technological systems and communications. Patents can guard your ideas and innovations and can give you a distinct advantage in the commercial sector. This is down to the fact that patents themselves give you the exclusive right to use your technological property in any way you see fit. You can exploit or sell your innovation at your own discretion and in today’s competitive markets, this form of protection is a formidible advantage.

With one simple phone call we can tell you whether it is possible to protect your idea and also assess it’s commercial feasibility.

How can Lance Mason help?

Our experts can guide you through the entire process and provide an exceptional level of support. We can also:

  • Draft the patent/licensing agreement and ensure it is relevant to your needs
  • Negotiate the terms of all agreements involved, keeping your interests well protected
  • Protect your ideas and ensure the relevant confidentiality agreements are in place during early discussions with potential partners
  • Take you through all your options and advise on the most relevant way to protect your ideas and creations
  • Advise you on the inner workings of procurement and outsourcing
  • Provide first-class legal representation when there has been a breach of your technological patent
  • Provide pragmatic advice every step of the way and make sure that any results are a direct reflection of your wishes

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Choosing the right patent solicitor is very important. If the process is not completed in the correct manner, your business could suffer as a result of insufficient protection of your technological innovations.

Lance Mason offers you the opportunity to arrange a free consultation. We will answer all your questions free of charge so that you can make an informed decision when deciding on a solicitor.

For more information, call Lance Mason free today on 08000 84 2000.

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