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Cost Management Services For Law Firms

The legal profession is facing destabilising changes in the way that Civil Litigation is funded. Pressure on fees and a ban on paying referrers will place significant strains on even the most well-established practices. Law firms need to adapt their business models and cost recovery strategies in order to safeguard their profitability.

Our team has spent a considerable amount of time assessing the impact of the changes and planning for various scenarios. We understand the importance of efficient costs recovery and fully appreciate the challenges faced by busy solicitors. We aim to tailor our approach in order to deliver the maximum returns, whilst keeping the demands on your time to an absolute minimum. Our high-tech approach and streamlined management processes mean that we can maintain strict levels of independence and confidentiality, whilst also delivering a high standard service.

We are committed to keeping any promises we make, so the level of service you see at the start of our relationship with you won’t deteriorate over time. We will capture your feedback as we go along, deepening our knowledge about your cases and the way you like to work.

A Client-Centric Approach

If you want to check on the up-to-date position of any of your files, you are welcome to pick up the telephone and discuss any of your files with us, or ask for general advice. If there is any particular issue that you want more help with, we are happy to send one of our team members to your offices to give your fee earners some in-house training. In addition to that, we will send you a monthly review of all your files and a report giving you a full breakdown of how we are doing in terms of cost recovery and our levels of service.

We can help you with:

  • Drafting Schedules and Bills of Costs
  • Part 8 Proceedings
  • Negotiations
  • Cost Estimates/Cost Budgeting

Why not try our service today by giving us just ten of your files? We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the service we offer and that this will be the start of a great working relationship.