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Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Agencies/Recruiters

Lance Mason has a dedicated in-house Recruitment function, as we meet the majority of our recruitment needs via our in-house service.

This therefore means that we will not under any circumstances consider any speculative or unsolicited CV’s from any external recruitment agency/recruiter.

Should a need arise where we need assistance in recruiting for a specific role, we have a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) with set agreements in place. As a result, any agreed fees will only be applicable when we have specifically instructed a third party to recruit for a specific role.

If the above is not observed, for example if any speculative or unsolicited CV’s are received, Lance Mason reserves the right to contact any candidates directly and discuss any roles available without any payment being applicable for any agency fee. This includes occasions where terms/conditions are submitted with the candidate’s details, because we expressly have no intention of engaging with any external recruiter unless we have sought this assistance ourselves. Lance Mason will not be bound by any terms which they have not expressly agreed in writing to be bound by.

Should any speculative or unsolicited CV’s/candidate details be submitted then the above applies, with this being Lance Mason’s none negotiable stance on recruitment.