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Our Complaints Policy

We are committed to providing a high quality of service to all our clients. Our aim is to give you no cause for complaint but when something does go wrong, we need you to tell us about it. Our complaints procedure is designed to help you bring your dissatisfaction to our attention so we can look at what has happened and provide you with an explanation. We will try to resolve the matter fairly and quickly. We will apologise where needed and endeavour to offer a practical solution. There is no charge for filing a complaint or time spent investigating your complaint. Filing a complaint will in no way disrupt or jeopardise your case.

Filing A Complaint

To file a complaint there is a two-stage internal process. Initially you should contact the Department Manager of the Department handling your case. These details can be found on your initial paperwork. Alternatively, you can contact the Head of Quality & Compliance (details can be found below).

It is preferable to put your complaint in writing. Complaints can be sent to:

Head of Quality & Compliance
GM House
Wilkinson Way

Or email: [email protected]

If the Department Manager is unable to satisfactorily resolve your complaint, you can request your complaint to be referred to the Head of Quality and Compliance, Emma Payne. She can be contacted as follows:

Emma Payne, Head of Quality & Compliance
Telephone: 01254 972 140
Email: [email protected]

What Happens Next?

  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two (2) business days, enclosing a copy of this procedure for your reference.
  2. An investigation into the issues raised will be commenced. This may include involvement of the person handling your case, the Department Manager of the Department handling your case or if your complaint is escalated, the Head of Quality & Compliance.
  3. For ‘straightforward’ complaints, a response will be provided within 21 calendar days of acknowledging your complaint. For more complex matters, additional time may be required. If this is necessary, we will contact you to explain why and provide an updated response date. If required, we can take up to eight (8) weeks to investigate and respond to your complaint.
  4. Further information may be required in order to progress our investigation. If this is necessary, we will contact you to explain and request additional information or documentation from you.
  5. On occasion we may feel that it’s better to hold a ‘face to face’ meeting to discuss the concerns raised in your complaint. If this occurs, members of the meeting may include the subject of your complaint, the Department Manager and the Head of Quality & Compliance. Minutes capturing what was discussed and agreed will be taken and a copy will be provided to you within five (5) business days of the meeting taking place.
  6. If after your complaint is investigated by the Department Manager you remain dissatisfied with the response, you should escalate your complaint to the Head of Quality & Compliance for review. It would be helpful if you could indicate which parts of the Department Manager’s response you disagree with. This will take an additional 21 calendar days in order to investigate and respond to you.
  7. If after the internal investigation you remain dissatisfied, you can contact the Legal Ombudsman, who is an independent body which deals with legal complaints. Their contact information is found below:

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6806
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0300 555 1777
Website: www.legalombudsman.org.uk

Any complaint that is not resolved within eight (8) weeks can be raised with the Legal Ombudsman. Complaints made to the Ombudsman must be raised within six (6) months of receiving our final response. Please be aware that any complaint to the Ombudsman must be made within one (1) year of the matter giving rise to the complaint or one (1) year from when you have known there was cause for complaint.

For further information about our complaint’s procedure, please contact the Head of Quality & Compliance.