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Our Story

When Lance Mason first embarked on its journey, the aim was to alleviate the stigma associated with traditional solicitors and build a firm with a modern business ethos. We aspired to implement a KPI orientated structure in order to encourage competitiveness and boost productivity; establishing a process driven structure enabled us to do this. The structure ensures that every task is completed in the most innovative and efficient way, i.e. the Lance Mason way.

With plans for rapid growth at the forefront of the leadership team’s mind, we recognised the need for bespoke technology in order to enhance and augment this growth. With an enormous influx of new legal matters coming into the business, we made the decision to invest in Proclaim, case management software. This adaptable software has grown with Lance Mason and helped facilitate our plans to expand on the services we offer.

Proclaim enables us to create documents quickly without disruption and offers the valuable benefit of unrivalled reporting flexibility. As a result, we have automated all the administration processes so that more time can be spent on building client relationships and focusing on our strategic objectives. Our ability to customize the technology we use has helped us avoid any unnecessary time constraints and has given us a significant edge over our competitors.

Lance Mason’s early aspiration was to challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes that exist in the legal sector today. The view that “Solicitors never return calls” was the first on our hit list and we have become renowned for delivering exceptional customer service. Our team are committed to the clients they represent and endeavour to not only meet but exceed their needs on a regular basis. Lance Mason believes that all legal matters should be resolved within months, not years and we work hard to secure the maximum results for our clients in a rapid and professional manner.

Within a relatively short timescale our ever expanding company has experienced growth in the region of 2000%. This would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of each individual involved. We were able to grow by enforcing defensive rather than reactive business strategies, creating a solid platform of strength and stability. With an entrepreneurial outlook and a thirst for achievement, Lance Mason has become one of the leading law firms in the industry. We are dedicated to the work we do, committed to the individuals we represent and passionate about making our mark in the industry.

With substantial changes to legislation coming into place and more expected in the near future, many law firms have taken a pessimistic stance and do not have high hopes for their future in the legal sector.

Lance Mason, on the other hand, sees the changes as an opportunity to continue to innovate and expand. We have high expectations for the continued development of the Lance Mason philosophy.

In the words of Robert Frost, “Sometimes, in business, the only way around is through.”