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Going Green

We’re as passionate about our environment as we are about our business!

Lance Mason has taken great steps over the past year to make our offices as green as possible. We commit to the responsibility of being an environmentally friendly thinking firm and consult our members regularly to welcome any suggestions for ongoing improvement and new initiatives to fulfil our Green Promise;

We will continue to find ways to change to become greener and conserve valuable resources for future generations.

We encourage our staff members to be conscious of the effects which our actions have on the environment both in and out of the workplace and to make a positive difference no matter how small because we understand that every little helps.

  • We have gone digital with both fax and document signing (saving quite a few trees in the process)
  • We communicate electronically as a preferred method
  • We have all of our waste recycled professionally by a local firm
  • We recycle our used ink cartridges with CLIC Sargent; helping children and young people with cancer
  • We have ambitious plans with TNT for our mail processes – we hope to soon become a 95% paperless office- quite the milestone for a law firm!
  • We use environmentally friendly suppliers wherever possible
  • We promise to switch off electrical items when not in use

Waste Streams