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Over 200 injured in the Sheppey Bridge pile-up

Up to 200 people have been injured and a reported six seriously hurt following the New Sheppey Crossing Bridge pile-up this morning. Emergency services were called to the scene on the A249 at 7:15am, where it is believed that over 100 cars were involved.

A spokesman for the Kent Police commented, “It has been reported there were collisions at the top of the crossing and at the foot of the approach to the crossing. Emergency services are currently at the scene dealing with the incident.”

The accident is thought to have been caused by the misty conditions.

19-year-old student, Jaime Emmett, became involved in the incident when she was driving through the fog and noticed a man at the side of the road motioning her to stop. Despite the fact that she was able to stop in time, a van crashed into the back of her and she smashed into the car in front.

“I was lucky I was not injured. It was all quite surreal when it happened,” She related.

Witness David Ingram said, “The fog was very, very thick today. You could not see a vehicle in front of you as you came on to the bridge.”

“We managed to stop...the people in front of us weren’t that lucky.”

Many believe that the situation would have been much worse had it not been for the quick thinking of a lorry driver at the scene. In order to prevent more cars piling into the crash, he used his truck to block the entrance to the bridge, perhaps saving lives in the process.



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