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Industrial Disease
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Industrial Disease

“Lance Mason is committed to helping the victims of industrial disease and offers first rate guidance to all the clients we represent. Making a claim doesn't have to be complicated, contact our experts today to find out how simple the process can be."

What can I claim for?

If your employer failed to take the appropriate steps to minimise potential hazards and you are suffering with an industrial disease as a result, you may be entitled compensation. The following industrial diseases are most common in the UK:

If you are suffering with any of the above, call our legal experts today for a no obligation chat. Even if you developed an industrial disease much later on in life, if it can be linked to a previous employer, you may still be able to claim compensation.

Important details to collect

If you are suffering with an industrial disease, it is important to collect information that may be relevant to your case, should you decide to make a claim. Make sure:

  • You visit your GP as soon as you start to notice any industry related symptoms
  • You keep a record of previous employers and that you make a note of any machinery/chemicals/substances you used or were exposed to
  • You do your research. If any co-workers are suffering with the same symptoms as you, obtain their details
  • You take photographic evidence when relevant

Why Lance Mason?

We have been very successful in the legal sector for several reasons:

  • Client satisfaction is valued above everything else
  • All Lance Mason conduct is practical and entirely ethical
  • We are focused on continuous improvement

Ultimately, it is your experience that means the most to us. Call us free of charge today on 08000 84 2000.

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