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Winding-up petitions

A winding-up petition is the most serious form of debt recovery. These petitions are used for the recovery of debts from limited companies and are presented to the court by creditors. The debt in question must not be in dispute and this must be evidenced by a statutory demand.

How to oppose a winding-up petition

If there is a winding-up petition filed against your business, you may be able to challenge it under the following circumstances:

  • The debt is still in dispute and you have evidence to support this
  • The amount claimed in the demand is less than the ‘set-off’ you have against the creditor
  • There are legal technicalities that relate to your specific situation  i.e. procedural errors or insolvency

How can Lance Mason assist me?

We can offer the following services:

  • We can liaise with HMRC and creditors on your behalf
  • We can advise you on your rights and any potential risk factors
  • We can oppose winding-up petitions on your behalf
  • We can apply for injunctions on your behalf so that your business does not suffer as a result of negative press coverage
  • We can provide first rate court representation
  • We can negotiate and mediate on your behalf
  • We can help you implement strategies that can allow for the continuation of your business

Who does Lance Mason represent?

Our solicitors are happy to provide expert advice whether you are trying to oppose or support a winding-up petition. We represent businesses and creditors alike so call us today for more information.

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