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Third party debt orders

Chasing debt can be a struggle and many creditors cannot afford to dedicate the time required to recover the money they are owed. At Lance Mason, we can take the work off your hands by legally enforcing a county court judgment. One way we can do this is by obtaining an third party debt order.

What is a third party debt order (TPDO) and what are the benefits?

Even when a county court judgement has been issued, many debtors still fail to pay back the money they owe to their creditors. A TPDO is a method of enforcing a county court judgement order and involves a third party taking the funds owed directly from the debtor's bank or building society account every month. The third party can be a body that is currently holding the debtors funds i.e. a building society or bank.

The benefits of obtaining a TPDO include:

  • You can obtain a TPDO quite quickly as there is no hearing involved in the first instance and the judge normally makes a decision upon receipt of the application
  • You may find that the debtor has access to funds you were not aware of as the third party is legally obligated to disclose all other accounts they have
  • Obtaining a TPDO is an inexpensive way of enforcing a county court order 

How can Lance Mason help?

If you need to obtain a TPDO, the assistance of specialised solicitors can be invaluable. Lance Mason can offer the following services:

  • We will take you through the entire process of third party debt orders and make sure you understand your rights and the legislation involved
  • We will assist you in the application process and answer all your questions along the way
  • We will represent you in court if required and fight your corner

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